The 3rd Project Market of Innovative Ankara

The 3rd Project Market of Innovative Ankara

Beside many of the local managers; such as assistant of governor, chairs of chambers of trade and industry, chair of organized industrial zones, members of executive board of the Agency; investors and entrepreneurs were along the attendants.

“Ankara has a powerful human capital and technological infrastructure”

In his keynote speaking Arif Şayık, Secretary General of Ankara Development Agency, stated that Ankara has a powerful human capital and technological infrastructure thanks to 23 universities, 5 active technologic development zones, 7 active organized industrial zones and many research centers that it hosts. Reminding the importance of high value added products on the goal of 500 billion dollars in the vision of year 2023, Şayık remarked that entrepreneurship and innovative projects prepares the infrastructure on producing high value added products and this is the main motivation of the efforts done by Ankara Development Agency in order to support entrepreneurship ecosystem.

“Human capital is the core of our development strategy”

Stating that the R&D activities were highly increased during the last decade, Cevdet Yılmaz, Minister of Development, continued “R&D expenses over national income was nearly 0,53%. Beside the increment on national income, our R&D expenses rised to 0,92%. We are very close to 1%. This is good news but we have lots to do comparing to other countries.” Remarking that the increment on the portion of private sector on R&D expenses is an important progress, Yılmaz said “We want to increase the portion of private sector on R&D expenses to 65%. There is a goal of the year 2023. We will do our best to reach this goal”.

284 projects supported

Yılmaz continued: “Development agencies are perceived as institutions that gives financial support to projects. I think; gathering different actors together, networking, identifying common goals, developing strategies, creating information is much more important than financial supports and the main contribution of development agencies is provided by these activities. Ankara is an important center for economic, social and cultural aspects and must be carried to upper levels on the global competition league. Being at the top at the social indicators, this potential must be converted into added value.”

Yılmaz noticed that 284 over 1025 projects are supported either financial or technically by Ankara Development Agency.

Successful projects awarded

After the keynote speeches project stands were visited and successful projects, which were selected previously by the organization committee, was awarded by Minister of Development. Among the successful projects, Smart Farm Pulverizator, Centrally Controllable Ballot Box Security and Hamlem Water Saving projects were at the top 3 respectively.

43 projects from schools

Within the scope of the organization 127 entrepreneurs from IT, electronics, medical technologies, defense and aviation, renewable energy and environmental technologies sectors had chance to promote their projects to domestic and international investors.

Beside the commercial ones, 43 students from the elementary and high schools presented their projects to the attendees.