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Ankara Development Agency 7th Photography Contest Begins

April 5, 2023

Name of the Contest:

"Historical and Cultural Structures of Ankara" Ankara Development Agency  7th Photo Contest


Purpose and Subject of the Contest:

Ankara, a geography dominated by different civilizations and a city that has been the scene of continuous settlement since the first ages, contains a museum, ancient city and many historical buildings that symbolize its rich historical past.

With the competition, it is aimed to ensure that the values reflecting Ankara's culture and history are accessible to all potential audiences across the region, the country and the world in today's world where people perceive visual messages more easily.

The  main purpose of the contest;

Introducing the values that reflect Ankara's culture and history;

Revitalizing tourism in Ankara;

Ensuring that local and foreign tourists recognize, keep alive and record the historical, cultural and traditional values of Ankara;

Supporting the productivity of the competitors by enabling them to present their experience in the relevant field in an original way;

It is the awareness of all segments of Ankara's values.

Sample subjects for photographs that are expected to reflect Ankara's historical and cultural values are presented below. The examples have been prepared to give ideas to the people who will participate in the competition, and the photography subjects are not limited to examples.

- Photographs reflecting the history of Ankara (Ankara Castle, Independence War Museum, (I. Parliament Building), Republic Museum (II. Parliament Building), Atakule, Anıtkabir, Ulus Republic Monument, Hittite Statue, Temple of Augustus, Julianus Column, Gordion Antique city, Juliopolis Necropolis, …)

- Ankara's museums, foundation stractures, historical mosques and tombs, inns, (Gordion Museum, Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque, Arslanhane Mosque, Sheikh Ali Semerkandi Tomb, Tapduk Emre Tomb, Historical Karacabey Bath, …)


Contest Specifications are attached.