Ankara, the New Address of Camping-Caravan Tourism

August 29, 2022

Within the scope of Ankara Development Agency-guided project supports, a contract was signed for the project "Creation of Ankara Province Caravan Route, Tent Camp, Caravan Camp and Bungalow/Glamping Accommodation Areas" between Ninth Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Ankara Development Agency.

Tent and caravan camping tourism is one of the areas that can be developed within Ankara's tourism potential. Some of Ankara's 16 protected areas, including 2 national parks, 10 nature parks, and 4 wildlife development areas, are suitable for tent camping and caravan camping. In Ankara, Çubuk Karagöl Nature Park, Aluçdağı Nature Park, Çamkoru Nature Park, Şahinler Nature Park, Tekkedağı Nature Park, Eğriova Nature Park, Sorgun Pond Nature Park are suitable for tent and caravan camping tourism. With the project, it is aimed to increase the awareness of the areas by creating a tent and caravan camping routes in the designated areas in Ankara, to design the areas to serve at international standards, to increase the number of visitors and to ensure their sustainability in harmony with nature.