Announcement for Indigenization of the Supply Chain with Abdi İbrahim

April 28, 2023

Supply chain localization module was put into service. “Supply Chain Indigenization Module” was taken on the ​​platform, which enables the use of the buyer with domestic resources that are not imported from anywhere. This platform aims to bring our buyer companies together with local suppliers to find products and domestic services already provided by the government. Previously, advertisements were posted with Arçelik, Vodafone, Kalyon PV and applications were received.

This business, under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency, appeared for the 4th time in the supply chain localization advertisement with Abdi İbrahim company together with our 26 development agencies.

Application deadline: 31.05.2023 Time: 23:59

For application to protect and supply the requested products/works of Abdi İbrahim firm:

The supply instructions of Abdi İbrahim are as follows:

• FBD Device

• Coating Machine

• Tablet Press Machine

• HPLC Device and Columns

• Trousers Filter

• Liquid Production and Bio Production Filters

• Blister Packaging Line

• Disposable Bioreactor

• Bioreactor Bag

• Bio Downstream Equipment and Columns

• Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC)

• Lanolin

• Vaseline

• N Hexane – Reactive

• Dimethyl Sulfoxide – Reagent

• Combi Methanol – Reagent

• Sodium Hydroxide – Reactive

• Iso Propyl Alcohol (IPA)

• Lactose Monohydrate

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