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Announcement for Localization of the Supply Chain With Bozankaya

September 14, 2023

Supply Chain Localization Module was put into service. The “Supply Chain Localization Module” was put into use on the platform, which enables the products imported by buyer companies to be produced with domestic resources. This platform aims to bring together the demands of our buyer companies to localize the products and services they currently supply from abroad with domestic suppliers. Previously, applications were made with Arçelik, Vodafone, Kalyon PV, Abdi İbrahim, DHMİ,Trendyol and TÜRASAŞ.

In this context, under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency, together with our 26 development agencies, the 8th supply chain localization announcement was made with Bozankaya.

Deadline for application: 15.09.2023 - Time: 23:59

For application to examine the products/works requested by Bozankaya and to meet their supply needs: