Domestic Supply and Cooperation Meetings Continue with Küçükpazarlı Aerospace Company

May 16, 2022

Would you like to include your innovative product or project to the supply system of large companies?

Domestic Supply and Cooperation Meetings; is a cooperation platform organized by the Ankara Development Agency Investment Support Office in order to increase the production and supply capacities of domestic manufacturers and to offer innovative and high added value domestic solutions to the demands and needs of the industry.

With the events held since 2015, corporate communication is being developed with large companies/organizations operating in Ankara that purchase or import a significant amount of information and support services, materials, machinery and human resources as production inputs; companies/organizations are contacted with our entrepreneurs, who have the potential to supply large companies and organizations.

Our event continues with the Küçükpazarlı Aerospace (KPA) Company, which is the largest sub-industry company of TUSAŞ.

Open Supply Requests for Küçükpazarlı

Our companies that want to offer innovative projects, products and services in the fields listed below should apply.

  • CNC Lathe workmanship service (Subcontracting, Contract manufacturing),
  • CNC Vertical and Horizontal Milling workmanship service (Subcontracting, Contract manufacturing),
  • CNC Lathe operator training service,
  • CNC Milling operator training service,
  • Maintenance personnel training service (electrical, mechanical),
  • Apparatus & coji etc. fixture design, production support services,
  • Implementation and support services for lean transformation,
  • Automation systems and support services,
  • Shuttle storage & protection systems and services,
  • Personnel training and talent development services,
  • Calibration services and testing services for different sample types. (hardness, load test, crack test etc.)


Applications are received through the TechAnkara Entrepreneurship Portal at the address below, and the application system was opened on May 13, 2022.

The bilateral meeting and presentation event will be held for applications to be made until 20 June 2022.

Domestic supply and cooperation meeting will be held on 27 June 2022.

Evaluation Process

The applications received will be directed to the relevant institution by the Ankara Development Agency and the evaluation will be made by the authorities of the relevant institution. As a result of the evaluations, interviews and presentations will be organized, and the applicant will be informed about the process.

Questions, comments and requests:

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