Green Transformation Awareness Meetings Continue in Ostim

June 2, 2022

Ankara Development Agency Green Transformation Awareness Meetings continued with the OSTİM OIZ session on 1 June 2022. It was observed that there was an intense demand for the event, which was held in cooperation with Ostim OSB, Ostim Teknopark and KOSGEB. At the meeting, developments in the field of Green Transormation, the activities planned by the Agency in the field of green transformation and KOSGEB's support on the subject were introduced.

In the event, it was emphasized that the Agency started a pioneering and efficient program in this area. The event ended with feedback from the participants regarding the more technical trainings they requested from the Agency in the field of Green Transformation. Our Agency will continue its work on Green Transformation with the focus of guiding feedback from stakeholders.