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Mentoring Program Closing Meeting Was Held

November 7, 2022

The mentoring program implemented by Ankara Development Agency to develop the capacity of cooperatives operating in Ankara in the field of brand identity and marketing has been completed. Within the scope of the mentoring program, studies were carried out with Yemenia Women's Initiative Production and Business Cooperative and S.S Ayaş Akkaya Agricultural Development Cooperative to develop brand identity, marketing tools, social media and web content.

During the program, brand value proposition, story and brand elements were created for the existing brands of both cooperatives. The corporate identity designs of the cooperative brands whose target audience was determined on the axis of the product-brand positioning study were made. In line with the corporate identity studies, packaging and labels were revised and new product packages were created. In addition, the websites and social media pages of the cooperatives were updated, and the social media content strategy and calendar were determined.

Within the scope of the closing meeting of the program, Ankara Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Cahit Çelik stated that the agency will act as an intermediary in corporate collaborations in the marketing of the products obtained as a result of the program and in the process of reaching new markets.

Information and products of cooperatives can be accessed from the addresses below.