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SHE Leads

September 6, 2023

SHE Leads, implemented with the cooperation of Arçelik, Ankara Development Agency and TED University, is an entrepreneurship-oriented networking platform for female university students in Ankara.

Female university students in Ankara who want to explore the world of entrepreneurship and make key connections from the ecosystem, if you want to participate in the first semester of She Leads, you can apply until September 29!

This platform is designed to support university students who are interested in entrepreneurship, to gain key connections from the ecosystem and at the same time to develop the competencies they will need on their entrepreneurial journey. Participants will come together physically in 2 bootcamps and receive 1-1 mentoring support.

“I have an idea but I don't know where to start?”, “What kind of journey awaits me if I become an entrepreneur?”, “Who is doing what in this ecosystem?” Don't you want to be a part of a community where you can find answers to questions like, learn and gain key connections?

If you want to be one of the lucky people to take part in the first period of this platform, we are waiting for your application.

• The application deadline is September 29.
• Female university students in Ankara can apply to the competition. The events will take place in Ankara and require physical participation.
• Applications will be received between September 6 - September 29, 2023 through the link
Purpose of the Program
In the She Leads platform, with the focus of business networking, female university students;
• Discovering the world of entrepreneurship
• Gaining basic knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship
• It aims to gain key links from the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
How Do We Support?
• Networking
• Mentoring
• Education
• Workshops
• Collection of Applications: 29.09.2023
• Announcement of Application Results: 04.10.2023
• Beginning of the Training and Mentoring Process: 14.10.2023
• Training and Panels: 14.10.2023- 15.10.2023
• First Mentoring Period: 16.10.2023-23.10.2023
• Training and Panels: 21.10.2023-22.10.2023
• Second Mentoring Period: 23.10.2023-14.11.2023
• Graduation: 15.11.2023