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Strengthening Social Development Potential and Cooperative Needs Analysis Workshop Program Was Held

April 3, 2023

Ankara Development Agency carries out activities to increase the capacity of cooperatives, which are important actors of the social economy. In this context, 30 people participated in the Social Development Potential Strengthening and Cooperative Needs Analysis Workshop Program organized at Ankara Development Agency on March 31, 2023. In the workshop program organized by the Ankara Development Agency and carried out by the Yerküre Cooperative; good exemplary practices in the field of cooperatives from the world and Turkey were introduced to the representatives of agricultural development cooperatives and women's cooperatives in Ankara. In addition, cooperatives were provided with the opportunity to share their experiences.

At the end of the workshop program, the “Cooperative Needs Analysis Questionnaire” was held on the basis of participation in order to form the basis for the activities planned by the Agency in the field of cooperatives. Training and workshop programs aimed at increasing the capacity of cooperatives will continue in the upcoming period.