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2024-2028 Ankara Regional Plan “Environment in Ankara” Axis Focus Group Meeting

November 14, 2022

Within the scope of Ankara Regional Plan 2024-2028 studies, the second meeting was held on the "Environment in Ankara" axis of the regional plan on 10 November 2022 at Ankara Development Agency.

At the meeting, evaluations were made on the environmental theme. The "Environment in Ankara" axis strategy and objectives included in the draft regional plan were discussed and the opinions and suggestions of the participants were recorded. Along with the evaluations made at the meeting, it was decided to receive additional information and project proposals from participants via e-mails in following days. The opinions received will be evaluated by the Agency experts and necessary updates will be made in the draft regional plan, which will reflect the five-year strategic plan of the city.

The focus group meeting, where representatives of many public institutions and organizations were present, contributed the preparation of the Ankara Regional Plan with a common mind and a participatory approach.