Agency Supported Projects in Kalecik

April 28, 2022

Contracts were signed for Kalecik Municipality's projects titled "We Added Tecn@ctivity to the City, We Added Value with Tourism" and Kalecik Art House Agricultural Development Cooperative's projects titled "Women's Labor in Kalecik".

The contract was signed by Kalecik Mayor Duhan Kalkan and Ankara Development Agency General Secretary Cahit Çelik for the project "We Added Value with Tourism", which was approved to be supported by the Ankara Development Agency's 2021 Rural Development Financial Support Program. Within the scope of the project, infrastructure and superstructure works will be carried out to develop rural tourism in Kalecik district, which draws attention with its history and nature. The project will also carry out activities that will increase youth employment in the district.

Women's Labor in Kalecik

With the project for which Kalecik Art House Agricultural Development Cooperative is the applicant, studies will be carried out to increase the technical and institutional capacity of the women's cooperative operating in the district. In addition, training and certification systems will be implemented to enable women to acquire professional competence in the production of souvenirs. Both projects aim to support women and youth employment in Kalecik.