Ankara Investment Environment Presentation to the Officials of the Ministry of Regional Development of Kosovo

11 May 2022

A visit was made to the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology within the scope of the study visits with the officials participating from the delegation of the Kosovo Ministry of Regional Development. First of all, Barış Yeniceri, General Manager of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, greeted the participants and shared their experiences about the functioning processes of Development Agencies and Regional Development Administrations. He also mentioned the importance of visiting Ankara by the Kosovo Delegation within the scope of experience sharing, continuation of experience sharing and ensuring the continuity of relations, following the previous study visit to Kosovo by the Ministry. Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Cahit Çelik stated that the visit of the Kosovo delegation was productive in terms of introducing good practice examples and explaining the investment environment in Ankara, and said that contacts between institutions will continue.

After the visit to the Ministry of Industry and Technology, a study visit was made to Ankara Handicrafts and Design Center, Living Village and Museum and METU Technopolis Animation Technologies and Game Development Center (ATOM), which the Agency supported within the scope of guided projects and financial support programs. Delegation officials were informed by the project owners, and detailed explanations were made about the functioning processes of the support mechanism.

After the visits and presentations made by the delegation accompanied by Ankara Development Agency and General Directorate of Development Agencies, they continued their program to make study visits to Mevlana Development Agency and Trakya Development Agency.