Ankara's New Route Passes Through Nallıhan

May 13, 2022

Ankara's New Route Nallıhan Tapduk Emre Derviş Road project was signed.

The project, signed by Ankara Development Agency General Secretary Cahit Çelik and Nallıhan District Governor Yusuf Durani Dinç, is supported by the 2021 Rural Development Financial Support Program. Within the scope of the project, new walking routes will be created in Nallıhan district, which attracts attention with its historical and natural beauties; Infrastructure works will be carried out and events will be held with the theme of "Tapduk Emre Derviş Road".

Faith Tourism in Nallıhan

Nallıhan, which draws attention with its nature, is especially popular with adventurers with its trekking routes. With the project to be carried out by the Nallıhan District Governor's Office, the "Dervish Way" route will be brought to life, various festival and commemoration organizations and promotional activities will be carried out. Within the scope of the project, physical superstructure works will be carried out to prevent environmental pollution on existing and new hiking pathways. In the project, where technological innovations will also be implemented, GPS records will be available on the walking routes and signage and map studies will be carried out with international sign systems. National and international promotional activities will be carried out by determining new routes for the development and dissemination of faith tourism in Nallıhan, which has a significant potential with its history.

The project, which will be carried out by Nallıhan District Governorship, is expected to increase and diversify tourism activities in Nallıhan.