Certificates of Yorunge Named Mentor Training Program Between ANKARAKA and Turksat Given

June 30, 2022

Inter-institutional collaborations continued to transfer knowledge and experience from TechAnkara mentoring programs, entrepreneurship programs, accelerator programs and project markets, run by Ankara Development Agency. In this context, the Orbit Entrepreneurship Program protocol was signed between Turksat and Ankaraka in April.

Within the scope of the protocol, Orbit Entrepreneurship Program Mentor Training Training was given between Ankaraka and Turksat. It was ensured that 35 expert personnel working at Turksat became mentors by gaining the necessary equipment. In this context, the knowledge of Turksat employees, who are mentor candidates, to provide mentoring services, was increased with the trainings given by expert trainers/sector veterans. In this way, Turksat mentors, who have reached the level of mentoring in the TechAnkara Technology Commercialization Mentoring Program and the TechAnkara Digital Project Market Commercialization Program, have increased their knowledge and equipment to facilitate the commercialization of young entrepreneurs' products and services.

Within the scope of the trainings, to ensure that Turksat personnel first become mentors so that they can transfer their professional knowledge, and within the scope of mentoring service, especially mobility, space, aviation, satellite, communication systems, electronics, software, etc. It was aimed to enable them to become mentor candidates in order to transfer the knowledge they have developed in these fields to the entrepreneurs and to contribute to the commercialization of the products and services of the entrepreneurs.

In the first place, entrepreneurship training was given online to 1000 employees working at Turksat. In the second stage, face-to-face trainings were given to 50 competent personnel selected from among Turksat personnel who were willing to be mentors. Face-to-face training lasted for 5 days. These trainings consist of financial literacy, legal literacy, technological literacy, teaming, business development, sales & marketing, commercialization, business plan preparation and applied business plan preparation.

Ankara Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Cahit Çelik stated that 35 Turksat personnel who participated in the trainings and were entitled to receive certificates will increase the quality of the mentor pool in the TechAnkara Technology Commercialization Mentoring program. He also announced that entrepreneurs applying to the TechAnkara Digital Project Market Commercialization Program can be appointed from Turksat mentors.

In the upcoming period, it will be aimed to design a special entrepreneurship program, organize hackathon and ideathon, and provide mentorship services to entrepreneurs under the coordination of our Agency's Investment Support Office and in cooperation with Turksat Corporate Communications Directorate.