Circular Economy Concept and Applications Webinar Held

January 16, 2023

The Circular Economy Concept and Applications webinar was held on January 11, 2023. In the webinar attended by experts, the importance of a holistic approach in the transition to the circular economy was emphasized.


The event aimed at raising and disseminating awareness in the field of circular economy; It was carried out within the scope of the activity "Evaluation of the Current Situation and Determination of the Potential with the Circular Economy in the Food and Agriculture Sector in Beypazarı District" carried out by the Ankara Development Agency. With their presentations to the event; Ankara University Chemistry Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Ali Sınağ, Ankara University Water Management Institute Faculty Member Assoc. Gökçen Çapar, Expert Ece Dinsel from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, and Niran Armutcu, QSI Certification Lead GHG Verifier, attended the webinar, while environmental expert Yağmur Eyikoçak Koç moderated the webinar. Experts shared the latest information on the environment and climate crisis, and gave information about the studies carried out.


“We Have to Switch to a Circular Economy”

Stating that the world population is expected to reach 10 billion in 2050, experts point out that the current economic model has to change. It is necessary to establish processes similar to the cyclical processes in nature in the webinar attended by authorized names and relevant stakeholders; Attention was drawn to topics such as reducing the amount of waste, efficient use of resources, energy efficiency and awareness. On the other hand, it was reported that legal regulations became widespread and competitiveness in industry and trade began to change. It was noted that within the scope of studies such as the Paris Agreement and the European Union Green Agreement, the economic transformation in our country should be implemented immediately.


Circular Economy Model

Reminding that today, the way of production and consumption based on the "disposable" model works in industry, agriculture and commerce, experts emphasize that the current "linear economy" model has to be transformed. It is stated that the circular economy, which focuses on sustainability and environmental protection in the process from the use of raw materials for production to waste generation, applies the principles of "Reduce-Reuse-Recycle" instead of "Buy-Build-Dispose". The circular economy is projected to offer $4.5 trillion global growth opportunity. Among these, opportunities such as reducing costs and reducing fluctuations in raw material prices come to the fore. In this context, the importance of increasing awareness in our country and the rapid dissemination of the new model in industry and commerce is emphasized.