Commercialization Program of Geographically Indicated Products

December 1, 2022

The “Commercialization Program of Geographically Indicated Products” was initiated in cooperation with Ankara Development Agency and Ankara Chamber of Commerce. The program aims to contribute to the creation of income and employment in rural areas, the sustainability of local businesses and the protection of rural-cultural heritage by improving the production, inspection and marketing capacity of Ankara's existing and/or potential geographical indication registered products.

Within the scope of the “Commercialization of Geographically Indicated Products”, producer-oriented capacity building trainings will be organized. After the training programs, activities and programs will be held that will allow manufacturers and retail chain market representatives to come together to cooperate regarding the sales of the products that have geographical indications.

The first of the training programs focused on developing the producer capacity of the program was carried out for the producers of stick pickles (Çubuk Turşusu) in Çubuk, under the name of "Training on Products with Registered Geographical Indication". In the training program, the producers were informed about the importance of geographical indication, geographical indication and economy, geographical indication and rural development, sustainability in geographically indicated products, food safety and public health, brand communication and geographical indication products and marketing communication.

Training programs will continue throughout December in Ayaş (for Ankara Erkeç Pastrami, Ayas Tomato, Ayaş Mulberry producers), Kalecik (for Kalecik Black Grape producers), Polatlı (for Polatlı Onion producers) and Beypazarı (For Beypazarı Dried Sushi, Beypazarı Carrot Delight producers) districts of Ankara.