Domestic Supply and Cooperation Meeting was Held with the Gendarmerie General Command

13 May 2022

Ankara Development Agency brought together the Gendarmerie General Command and potential suppliers within the scope of the "TechAnkara Domestic Supply and Cooperation Meetings" project.

The "TechAnkara Domestic Supply and Cooperation Meetings" project continues to be carried out with the aim of facilitating the commercialization of innovative products with high added value, increasing the production and supply capacity of the domestic manufacturer and ensuring that imported products are substituted with domestic products. In this context, TechAnkara Domestic Supply and Cooperation Meeting held its 12th meeting with the Gendarmerie General Command. Officials from the Gendarmerie General Command Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Ballistic Protection Systems, IED Detection and Destruction System, Chemical Warfare Agents Detection Device, Flexible Layered Cage Armor System, Acoustic Firing Site Detection System, Various Special Designs Life Units, Forensic Information Software and Hardware Technologies, Aircraft Tracking Systems, Systems Used in Helicopter Search/Rescue Activities, and 3D Navigation Systems were brought together with companies operating in the fields.

After the general structure of the Gendarmerie General Command, procurement and product development procedures were explained, the companies participating in the meeting made presentations about the products and their features. The project owners had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the command officials and explain their products. In line with the needs of the Gendarmerie General Command, subsequent meetings were also planned to bring some products of interest to the company.

Arı Defense, Altay Yazilim, Profen, SCP, Kolt, Stafc, LNL, Tulpar, and Bosan companies participated in the domestic supply and cooperation meeting and gained significant gains in the commercialization of their products and services and in increasing their market shares.