Domestic Supply and Cooperation Meeting was Held with the General Directorate of Security

October 31, 2022

With the events held since 2015, corporate communication is being developed with large companies/organizations operating in Ankara that purchase or import a significant amount of information and support services, materials, machinery and human resources as production inputs; Companies/organizations are contacted with our entrepreneurs, who have the potential to supply large companies and organizations.

In response to 142 different product and service requests from the General Directorate of Security, 19 companies applied to our event and 17 companies attended the event to make their presentations by being present at the meeting.

To date, 13 meetings have been held. This year, a local supply and cooperation meeting was held with BOTAŞ, Gendarmerie General Command, General Staff and Küçükpazarlı Defense and Aviation company.

A total of 153 companies participated in the meetings held and made presentations about their products and services. Thanks to the meetings, companies have commercialized their products and services, increased their sales, signed an inter-institutional R&D agreement, put their prototypes into mass production, and have been instrumental in the production of different products with product development upon the request of institutions.

The 4th domestic supply and cooperation meeting, which was held this year, was attended by the General Directorate of Security, Private Security Inspection Department, Special Operations Department, Public Security Department, Information Technologies and Communication Department, Presidency Protection Department, Anti-Immigrant Smuggling and Border Gates Department. , Aviation Department, KOM Department, Criminal Department, Witness Protection Department, Anti-Terrorism Department and Security Department participated.

Ankara Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Cahit Celik, Bixbyte, Stafc, Labris, Veri-sis, Altay, MND, Safe Life, Siyah R&D, Authtake, Karakamlar, Mayfly, Utarit, Arlentus, Securify, Zyrone and others who participated in this important meeting held under the coordination of our Agency's Investment Support Office. He thanked companies called Milmast for their participation and stated that he hoped it would be the first step of important collaborations.