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In the E-Export Summit Program in OIZs, Information was Provided about the Supports Provided by our Agency in the Field of Foreign Trade

March 6, 2024

The E-Export summit held in Teknopark Ankara under the coordination of İvedik OSB Foreign Trade Intelligence Center was attended by İvedik OSB and Teknopark Ankara Board Chairman Hasan Gültekin, Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Emine Doğrukök, Industry and Technology Provincial Director Muhammed Polat, Ministry of Commerce E-Export Department. It was held with the intense participation of President Hasan Önal, Business Development Manager Kubilay Gençkan, DHL E-Commerce Sales Manager Göksun Bayrak, Eximbank Director Ayşe Aslıhan Küçük and our regional companies.

Making the opening speech of İvedik OSB Foreign Trade Intelligence Center "E-Export Summit", İvedik OSB President Hasan Gültekin said that as İvedik OSB and Teknopark Ankara, they attach importance to e-sales and exports.

In her opening speech, Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Emine Doğrukök said, "As an institution, we identify the potential and bottlenecks of the region and carry out activities that will increase these potentials."

Referring to the potential of the capital, Doğrukök said, “There are 22 universities, 13 organized industries and 13 technology development zones, 145 R&D and 37 design centers in Ankara. These are years of work. Our potential is our ability to produce technology and knowledge. "We are responsible for integrating this technology and knowledge into existing products, services and models," he said.

Doğrukök stated that the export of value-added products is critical and pointed out that trade has continued through e-sites rather than traditional buying and selling, especially in recent years.

Stating that e-exports should not be left behind, Doğrukök said, “The foreign trade intelligence centers we established in İvedik, Başkent, Ostim organized industrial zones and Ankara Chamber of Industry and Ankara Chamber of Commerce helped realize 5.5 million dollars of exports to 160 companies. He said that they have provided foreign trade mentoring support to a total of 60 companies in the last 3 years. He stated that these companies contributed to exports of 3.1 million dollars to 60 countries.

After the opening speeches, İvedik OSB President Hasan Gültekin and Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Emine Doğrukök gave plaques to DEICO and OLİGA companies, which were among the top 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey last year.