First Period of She Leads Event Completed

October 23, 2023

SHE Leads, an entrepreneurship-focused networking platform for female university students in Ankara, was launched in cooperation with Arçelik, Ankara Development Agency and TED University. 136 applications were received from 19 universities in Ankara.

She Leads Platform was launched in collaboration with our Agency, Arçelik and TEDU to support university students who are interested in entrepreneurship, to provide them with key contacts from the ecosystem and to develop the competencies they will need in their entrepreneurial journey. In the evaluation of the students who applied to the first semester program of this platform according to criteria such as business ideas, interest in entrepreneurship and motivation to participate in the program, 60 students were identified and invited to the She Leads event.

In the first period of the 2-stage event, it is aimed to provide trainings on entrepreneurship-related topics to the participants for 4 days and in the 2nd stage, it is aimed to provide mentoring services to students through mentor and mentee matching.

In the first period of the event, which took place for 4 days between October 14-22, 2023, different activities such as panels, TedTalks, workshops were held in addition to information trainings. The events were held on October 14 at COZONE, October 15 and 21 at TED University and October 22 at Ankara Development Agency.

Emine Doğrukök, Deputy Secretary General of Ankara Development Agency, who participated in the event held at Ankara Development Agency, expressed her pleasure to be a part of this event organized for the women entrepreneur candidates of the future and stated that they will contribute to the future programs as the Agency.

It is aimed to make the She Leads events, the first of which was held under the coordination of our agency's investment support office, continuous with the organizations with which cooperation is provided. In this context, in the coming periods, applications of female university students will be received through the She Leads platform and more students will benefit from the events.

In the next phase of the event, students will receive one-on-one mentoring and consultancy services from their mentors between October 23rd - November 14th, 2023 to mature their business ideas.  With the completion of the mentoring process, the online graduation ceremony will be held on November 15, 2023 and the first period of the She Leads event will be completed.