Flake Feed Production Facility Investment in Bala

August 29, 2022

The signing ceremony of the “Bala Flake Feed Production Facility” project, for which the Bala Municipality applied, was held with the participation of the the District Governor of Bala, Mayor of Bala and the Secretary General of the Agency.

With the project, it is aimed to establish a facility that will produce flake feed from barley, oats and corn produced in Bala district and the surrounding districts, and to provide access to quality feed for the region's animal breeders at an economical cost.

The fact that animal husbandry is intense in Bala and the surrounding districts and the importance of economic transportation to quality food in terms of animal health and animal production has been the reason for the preparation of this project. Although there are districts where agriculture and animal husbandry are intense in Ankara, there are no facilities producing flake feed. The flake feed production facility planned to be built in Bala, will be the first facility to produce flake feed in the region.

The flake feed production facility, which will have a capacity of 10 tons/hour, will create economic value in the region and provide employment opportunities. It will create a driving force in the local and regional economy by contributing to the formation and development of an entrepreneurial culture.