Foreign Trade Intelligence Centers Certificate Signing Ceremony Held

28 April 2022

In Ankara with the support of Ankara Development Agency; Activities continue for the establishment of foreign trade intelligence centers in Başkent OIZ, İvedik OIZ, Ostim OIZ, Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Ankara Chamber of Industry.

It will be ensured that foreign trade intelligence centers to be established will be able to direct them to countries with high potential to do business, to determine the right target market, and to conduct accurate analysis and research on foreign companies before entering the market. A 10-day hands-on training and certification ceremony was completed for the personnel of 25 institutions who will work in foreign trade intelligence centers. Following the on-site consultancy service to be provided for 30 days in total, six days for each institution, five institutions within the program will be able to provide foreign trade intelligence services.

With the commercial intelligence program that will take place in foreign trade intelligence centers, it will be easier to conduct commercial intelligence. In addition, with the foreign trade intelligence portal being established, companies will be able to apply to the centers online, receive the reports to be provided online, and evaluate the service they receive.

Ankara Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Cahit Çelik, in his speech at the certificate ceremony; He stated that with the establishment of foreign trade intelligence centers, it is aimed to increase the export activities of the companies and to help them achieve a sustainable export structure. Steel foreign trade intelligence centers; target market detection and target customer finding consultancy, interpretation of statistical data, competitor analysis, import market and import supplier consultancy, technical intelligence and international institution and organization tenders. He expressed his gratitude for hosting the Ankara Chamber of Commerce for this training.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce Secretary General M. Gökhan Özdemir stated that as a result of the intensification of the highly competitive environment in world trade and the change in strategic priorities, it is necessary to turn to countries with high potential for doing business. Özdemir explained that with the foreign trade intelligence centers to be established, it is aimed to contribute to the growth of regional companies and to increase the export revenues of Ankara and our country. He also expressed his gratitude for the Ankara Development Agency for bringing together five institutions with this program and for implementing this program.