“Green Ankara” Demo Day to be Held on September 7

September 1, 2022

The Ankara Green Technology Startups Acceleration Program "Green Ankara", implemented in 2022 by Ankara Development Agency, which develops and implements participatory tools that will mobilize local potential by considering sustainable development with a holistic approach, focuses on green and digital technologies for the transition to a human-centered and sustainable industry.


Believing that green technologies offer opportunities for the transformation of the Turkish economy, our Agency has implemented “Green Ankara” to strengthen its power by supporting technology initiatives that will make a difference in this field. The focus areas of the program this year are; water, waste management, energy, agriculture and transportation.


With the “Green Ankara” program, which was implemented to seek solutions to sustainability, one of the most important issues on the agenda, to accelerate the development of green-friendly technologies, to mediate the meeting of technologies developed in the field with Ankara's leading institutions and organizations, increasing the number of initiatives working in this field, new ideas and initiatives in the areas of need. It is aimed to trigger the growth and commercialization process of existing green technology initiatives.

With the 8-week program carried out in July-August, companies were included in the training and mentoring process, and they had the chance to brainstorm with potential business partners on needs, expectations and potential cooperation opportunities before the meeting.

12 companies that have successfully completed the program will be shared with the public on the Demo Day to be held in CoZone, Ankara on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 14:00.

You can register for Demo Day participation via the link below.


Program Flow

14:00 Opening Speeches

14:30 Presentations

16:00 Networking Event