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History comes alive in Polatlı

September 14, 2023

Ankara Development Agency Deputy Secretary General Emine Doğrukök and the accompanying delegation made inspections in Polatlı district.

Polatli, one of the largest districts of Ankara, is once again on the agenda with its historical past. The district is experiencing its historical days as one of the important stops in the 100th anniversary celebrations of our Republic: The 102nd anniversary of the Battle of Sakarya is commemorated with commemoration ceremonies and various events.

The Road to Victory

Fought on August 22-September 13, 2021 and called "Melhame-i Kübra" (Armageddon) by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the battle is known as the turning point of the War of Independence. The battle of August 30, which paved the way for the Commander-in-Chief's Victory, is also reported to have symbolic value as it marked the end of the retreat that began with the siege of Vienna II in 1683.

Gordion on the Road to World Heritage

Efforts are underway for the ancient city of Gordion in Polatlı to be included in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List.

The ancient city of Gordion, which is the subject of legends and has a history of about 3 thousand years, was unearthed during the construction of the Baghdad railway in the 19th century. The city is known as the capital of the Phrygians. The most remarkable place of the city is the Midas Tumulus, the ancient burial site built by King Midas for his father Gordios, is called one of the oldest in history. The Gordion Museum, located next to the tumulus, exhibits ancient artifacts excavated from the excavations.

The nomination file for the Ancient City of Gordion, which is on the UNESCO Tentative World Heritage List, to be included in the permanent list was submitted to the nomination committee in recent months. The ancient city is expected to become Turkey's 20th UNESCO World Heritage Site and Ankara's first historical site.

Golden Hands Produce for Polatlı

Ankara Development Agency Deputy Secretary General Emine Doğrukök, Head of Rural Development Unit Zekai Efeoğlu and accompanying experts visited the "Golden Hands Produce for Polatlı" project workshop. With the project supported within the scope of the 2021 Rural Development Financial Support Program of the Ankara Development Agency, souvenirs needed by the tourism sector are produced. While ceramic, wood, polyester and silver production trainings are organized in four different workshops in the project, the project supports women and youth employment in Polatlı.