Panel for Urban Agriculture

September 2, 2022

The Urban Agriculture Panel, organized by Ankara Development Agency, was held on September 1, 2022 via online connection.

In the panel, which aimed to raise awareness about urban agriculture, national and international discussions were discussed. The panel was moderated by Coskun Serefoglu, Ph.D., working in rural development unit of Ankara Development Agency. The panelists are Özcan Türkoğlu from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Dr. Özge Şahin from Ankara University,  Lecturer Dr. Ceyhan Temürcü from Middle East Technical University, Dr. Burçak Yüksel from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Erdal Çetin from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,  Selen Karadoğan from Middle East Technical University, Özgür Onur Kanmaz, owner of Monibostan attended to Panel as Panelists. transition from national food systems to regional food systems, food security, vertical agriculture, importance of urban agriculture strategy, permaculture movement, particularly safe food systems were discussed in the panel. It was stated that urban agriculture should be given importance to establish safe food systems and access safe food for vulnerable groups. It was highlighted that agricultural areas are facing the pressure of climate change and rapid urbanization, and it was noted that support mechanisms for urban agriculture practices should be developed and expanded. Also, how an effective interconnection system between agriculture and the city should be constructed and participatory approach among the stakeholders were underlined. Activities to be conducted on urban agriculture, which takes place in the agenda of Agency were shared with participants.