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Polatlı Develops with Agency Projects

November 3, 2023

The projects supported by Ankara Development Agency serve development in Polatlı.

The introductory meeting for the Implementation of Smart Technologies Providing Water Saving in Agriculture project in Polatlı Eskikarsaklı Neighborhood was held on November 2, 2023. Ankara Deputy Governor Osman Beyazyıldız, Polatlı District Governor Murat Bulacak, Polatlı Deputy Mayor Salih Tekeli, Ankara Development Agency Deputy Secretary General Emine Doğrukök and officials from the Ministry of Industry and Technology and related institutions attended the introductory meeting.

"We Transfer Innovation to Rural Areas"

Speaking at the ceremony, Emine Doğrukök, Deputy Secretary General of Ankara Development Agency, emphasized that Ankara has a great potential to produce knowledge with 22 universities, 13 organized industrial zones and technology development zones, 142 R&D and 37 design centers. Doğrukök emphasized the importance of integrating knowledge into rural areas and stated that efforts are ongoing to spread innovative practices in rural areas. Doğrukök noted that the project includes a solar power plant and smart irrigation systems, thus increasing efficiency and sustainability in agricultural production. Emphasizing that the agency supports the areas of cooperation between the private sector, public and civil society and reveals the potential of the region, Doğrukök said that the project is valuable in this context.

Golden Hands Produce for Polatlı

Another project supported under the 2021 Financial Support Program of the Ankara Development Agency, the Golden Hands Produce for Polatlı project, was examined in Polatlı. Deputy Secretary General of Ankara Development Agency Emine Doğrukök and experts from the General Directorate of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology took part in the program and received information from the project officials. Polatlı Municipality is also a partner in the project carried out by Polatlı History and Culture Research Association(POTA). With the project, souvenirs needed by the tourism sector are produced. In the project, which aims to increase women and youth employment, trainings are organized under four different titles such as ceramic, wood, polyester and silver production.