Smart Agriculture Workshops for Children

May 17, 2022

For the workshop and training activities that are developed under the Innovative Rural Development Result-Oriented Program of the Ankara Development Agency, 250 students from 4 secondary schools in Ankara were selected. Through the trainings and workshops, children were introduced to the agricultural ecosystem, and they were informed about soil, sustainable and sensitive agriculture, technologies used in modern agriculture and the integration of smart technologies into agriculture.

Agriculture and Child Program

The Agriculture and Child Program which is one of the three components of the New Innovative Rural Development Result-Oriented Program of Ankara Development Agency, has started with smart agriculture workshops. The growth of today's urban children, detached from nature and agricultural activities, poses a danger both in terms of the developmental integrity of children and the sustainability of safe food and agriculture. In this context, Agriculture and Child (TAG-Child) Program aims to encourage agricultural entrepreneurship among new generations by developing awareness and capacity in children on agriculture and entrepreneurship. Ankara Development Agency has designed and implemented "Smart Agriculture Workshops for Children", program in line with those goals.

Within the scope of “Smart Agriculture Workshops for Children”, "Nature-Agriculture" and "Smart Agriculture" workshops were held with 250 students from 4 secondary schools. In the program; training and application workshops were held on soil analysis, ecosystem types, agricultural technologies, Agricultural Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) usage areas, remote sensing methods, precision agriculture and plant protection. In the application parts of the program, the students carried out their own soil analysis. In the trainings, detailed information was given about the "drone" and agricultural UAVs, which have been extensively used in agriculture in recent years, and agricultural UAV demonstration flights were made. In addition, students were provided with drone test flights. On the other hand, in the program, messages were given to increase the awareness of children and youth for the protection of nature, plants and water, as well as for the prevention of food waste. Ankara Development Agency's information and awareness activities on rural and urban agriculture will continue to become widespread.