Smart City Strategy and Roadmap Preparation Training was Held for Municipalities

December 2, 2022

In the 2020-2023 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan, The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change is expected to prepare a "Smart City Strategy and Roadmap" specific to their districts by the Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities.

In this context, a one-day training program was organized in our Agency in order to raise awareness in the municipalities in Ankara on the preparation of a "Smart City Strategy and Roadmap". Topics are; “Smart City Components, Good Practices in Smart Cities (Smart Cities, Smart Governance, Smart Transportation, Urban Mobility, Renewable Energy, Smart Environment, Smart Technology etc.), How to Prepare a Local Smart City Strategy and Roadmap?”. The training, which emphasized the need to create a road map within the framework of the strategies that municipalities will determine according to their local priorities, needs and smart city maturity levels, ended with a question-answer and evaluation section.