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Solar Energy Panels Opening Ceremony and Supply Chain Localization Event with Kalyon PV

June 20, 2023


Opening Ceremony of Rooftop Solar Energy Panels

Kalyon PV also has social responsibility projects within the scope of cooperation with organizations. Kalyon PV donated 120 solar panels to be installed on the roof of Ankara Development Agency. These solar panels will produce a total of 65 MW of electricity per year. In this way, our Agency has started to meet its own electricity from solar energy, as an example of energy efficiency. Ankara Development Agency General Secretary Cahit Çelik thanked Kalyon PV CEO Ersan Tüfekçi and Kalyon PV Supply Chain Director Gözde Özyandı Sili for the solar panels donated for the rooftop application of the Agency.

Supply Chain Localization Event Held with Kalyon PV

So far, within the scope of the domestic supply and cooperation meeting, 153 entrepreneurs were brought together with TAI, MAN, MİTAŞ, General Directorate of Security, Arçelik, FNSS, Türk Telekom, Türksat A.Ş, Turkish Airlines, BOTAŞ, Gendarmerie General Command, General Staff, Küçükpazarlı Defense and Aviation, the General Directorate of Security and Yunus Markets Chain.

Domestic supply and cooperation meetings have been nationalized under the coordination of the General Directorate of Development Agencies. For this purpose, the supply chain localization module was put into service. The “Supply Chain Localization Module” was put into use on the ​​platform, which enables the products imported by buyer companies to be produced with domestic resources. This platform aims to bring together the demands of our buyer companies to localize the products and services which they currently supply from abroad with domestic suppliers. Previously, advertisements were made with Arçelik and Vodafone, and applications were received and it was ensured that it met with supplier companies. 65 applications were received for the supply chain localization announcement, which was published with Arçelik in 9 different products, and Arçelik officials were interviewed with 18 selected companies. 36 applications were received for the supply chain localization advertisement with Vodafone for 15 different products, and Vodafone officials were interviewed with 10 selected companies. Advertisements were made for 19 different products with Abdi İbrahim firm and 5 selected supplier candidates were brought together with the firm.

In this context, under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency, Kalyon PV launched the 4th supply chain localization announcement together with our 26 development agencies. Applications were received through the investment support platform to examine the requested products/works of Kalyon PV and to meet their supply needs. The system was open for applications until June 15, 2023.

Kalyon PV Supply Chain Director Gözde Özyandı Sili stated that they attach great importance to the supply chain localization platform, which is carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development Agencies General Directorate and under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency Investment Support Office. He stated that they plan to cooperate with the companies in domestic supply after this event, which is in harmony with the localization policy of the Kalyon PV company.

The supply demands of Kalyon PV are as follows:

• Module Power Transmission Element

• Cell Connector Copper Cable

• Tape Between Glasses

• Cell Electrical Value Measuring Device

• Magnetron

• Graphite Lath

• Graphite Nail

• Stainless Electrod Rod

• Power source

• Ceramic Shock Used in Soldering

• Ribbon Holder Plate

• Hydrogen Peroxide

• Cutting/Coolant

• Soldering Fluid

10 companies applied to the call of Kalyon PV. Today, Alkan Teknoloji, Telemar Defense and Milvus Robotics, one of the supplier candidate SMEs that provide the necessary competence to Kalyon PV, made a face-to-face presentation. After the face-to-face presentations, TTAF Elektronik and Argeline companies, which participated from outside the city, made their presentations online.