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Supply Chain Localization Event Held with Alp Aviation

May 8, 2024

The "Supply Chain Localization Module," aiming for import-substituting industrialization and the development of local technologies, continues its work on the investment support platform at Supply chain localization activities, coordinated by the investment support office of the Ankara Development Agency, continue on the investment support platform with the contributions of all agencies to the process.

Since February 2023, when it became national, announcements have been made and applications have been accepted from Arçelik, Vodafone, Kalyon PV, Abdi İbrahim, DHMİ, Trendyol, TÜRASAŞ, and Bozankaya. In this context, for the ninth time, under the coordination of the Ankara Development Agency with the other 25 development agencies, an announcement for supply chain localization was made with Alp Aviation, and applications were collected.

After examining the applications from 27 different firms regarding the products requested by Alp Aviation, eligible applicants were invited to the supply chain localization event and a networking event was held on May 8, 2024. The applications received were related to Gear Steel Materials (Forging) 9250 Steel, Position Sensors, Sealing Elements, Connection Elements, Bearing Elements, Reducer, Aluminum Casting, Rolling Elements, Brushless Electric Motor, Ring Roll Material, and Aluminum Casting.

Four companies from Ankara, one from Bilecik, four from Bursa, three from Eskişehir, three from Istanbul, two from Izmir, two from Kocaeli, six from Konya, one from Kütahya, and one from Niğde applied. Egemet, Elfatek, Merka, Babacan, FMC, Murat Teknik, Doğu Pres, Zet Reducer, MCFLY Robot, Tekom, Göksal, Birlik, and İndeksis companies made presentations at the supply chain localization event with Alp Aviation. Companies willing to become suppliers to Alp Aviation were evaluated with the contributions of Damise company.

Emine Doğrukök, Deputy Secretary General of the Ankara Development Agency, who attended the meeting, thanked the firms that applied and participated in the meeting, evaluated through the investment support platform. Doğrukök expressed her satisfaction with the organization of the supply chain localization event for Alp Aviation and expressed her wish for the continuation of the relationships with the companies in the future.