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Supply Chain Localization Event Held with Trendyol

August 9, 2023

14 companies participated in the supply chain localization event with Trendyol. Seotex, Myteks, Biçer, HSMY, Gümüştay, Startsport, Akyol, Akduman, Uncuoğlu, Nil, Esofia, Mbs, Etuf and Şentürkler companies had the opportunity to promote their products at the supply chain localization event with Trendyol.

Trendyol has a textile group and is sold extensively on the Trendyol platform. As Trendyol, pre-collaboration meetings are held with companies participating in this call, which was launched together with all agencies under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency by expanding the textile supplier pool.

The pajama sets, panties, underwear sets, nightgowns, coats, coats and trench coat products that Trendyol will sell on its online shopping site will be produced and covered by the manufacturing SMEs.

Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Cahit Çelik said that with the supply chain localization project carried out under the coordination of our agency's investment support office, supply chain localization activities were previously organized with Arçelik, Vodafone, Abdi İbrahim, Kalyon PV and DHMİ. He explained that thanks to the supply chain localization event with Trendyol, the manufacturing textile companies had the chance to market their products.

Ahmet Şimşek, Deputy General Manager of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, stated that they have made the supply chain localization platform online on the investmentadestek website. He stated that thanks to the localization of the supply chain that has been made online, it has been instrumental in bringing together large companies and producer SMEs who want to be suppliers, to sell their products and services.

A total of 20 companies applied to the national supply chain localization event. As a result of the evaluation to the meeting event, 14 companies were entitled to make presentations. Of the 14 companies, 5 are from Van, 4 from Istanbul, 2 from Ankara, 1 from Izmir, 1 from Muş and 1 from Tokat.