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Supply Chain Localization Event was Held with Bozankaya

October 31, 2023

The "Supply Chain Localization Module" was launched on the platform, which enables buyer companies to produce imported products with domestic resources. This platform aims to bring together the demands of our buyer companies to localize the products and services they currently procure from abroad with domestic supplier companies.

The supply chain localization event, which was carried out under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency's investment support office, became national with the contribution of all agencies to the process on the investadestek platform.

Previously, Arçelik, Vodafone, Kalyon PV, Abdi İbrahim, DHMI, Trendyol and TÜRASAŞ were announced and applications were received. In this context, under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency, together with 26 development agencies, Bozankaya was announced for the 8th time for supply chain indigenization and applications were collected.

Applications from 22 different companies were submitted to the supply chain localization event with Bozankaya as a supply chain candidate. The applications received were for wheel set, battery, event recorder, handcheck, cctv, traction motor, fire extinguishing system, TCMS, main controller, display, loudspeaker, brake system, passenger door, coupler and gearbox.

2 companies from Kayseri, 1 from Karabük, 7 from Ankara, 1 from İzmir, 1 from İstanbul, 1 from İstanbul, 2 from Niğde, 5 from Aksaray, 1 from Eskişehir, 1 from Bursa and 1 from Samsun applied. Kaaf, Kardemir, Weber, Utarit, Connect, Aksöz, LMC, ZKC Informatics, SDT, Albayrak Makine, ADC, Pross Yangın, Dağdaş, IE Işık, Piton, MK Speaker, Keşif, PRT Asansör, Grafitör, Pusat Makine and Vadi Çelik companies made their applications to the supply chain localization event with Bozankaya.

Emine Doğrukök, Deputy Secretary General of Ankara Development Agency, who attended the meeting, emphasized the importance of the investment support platform and stated that the platform, which was opened to the use of domestic and foreign investors and added a supply chain localization module, has become more functional.