TechAkademi Management Consulting Program for SMEs

November 28, 2022

TechAkademi management consultancy program for SMEs was completed. Within the scope of the program, 13 companies were provided with management consultancy services on family business constitution, ERP selection and integration, and human resources under the TechAkademi Management Consultancy Program.

Negotiations were started within the scope of the family company constitution, and meetings were organized and managed with the participation of all partners, the second generation working in the company and the second generations to be determined with the partners, who have not yet worked in the company. The articles of the family-company constitution were reviewed one by one and decided upon by consultation.

Within the scope of ERP selection and integration, process requirements for ERP were determined by meeting with all process owners in the company. The process was completed with the implementation of the integrations according to their priorities, providing practical and effective training to the users, the tests of the relevant process and the commissioning of the ERP.

Within the scope of human resources, human resources processes were analyzed. The human resources processes that should be based on the size of the company and the organizational structure were determined. An action plan was created according to the Human Resources processes, the actions were implemented and the process was completed by training the human resources personnel.

Under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency Investment Support Office, Six Dynamics, Bosan, EMT, Preparatory College, Mesan, Musa Aras Energy, Odak R&D, Optima, Osimplant, Prefi, Rasim Makina, Robust and Z Sistem have been given 6 months of TechAcademy management consultancy program. Provided support throughout.

Ankara Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Cahit Çelik stated that the outputs of the management consultancy program implemented by our agency for the first time this year were examined on site by conducting a study visit to the companies. He said that the managerial and institutional progress made by the companies at the end of the program was seen and that this program contributed to the competitiveness and institutionalization of our SMEs that produce and serve in the global market.