TechAnkara Cyber Security Summer Camp Program Trainings Completed

August 14, 2022

The TechAnkara SiberVatan summer camp program, which was developed to increase the awareness of university students, to identify potential talents and to encourage and support their career planning in the field of digital and cyber security technologies, by implementing training and talent development activities within the framework of systematic and multilateral cooperation, has been completed in order to meet the cyber security expert need of our country.

While the TechAnkara SiberVatan summer camp program was at the application stage, 622 people applied, attracting great interest, and the TechAnkara SiberVatan summer camp program was launched as of July 25, with 34 applicants who were eligible for training after a technical exam. The first seven days of Applied Basic Linux Training (2 Days), Applied CEH (White Hat Hacker) (5 Days) trainings were completed and a certificate ceremony was held.

After this seven-day intensive training marathon, university students who successfully completed the training were allowed to participate in field visits and technical trips as part of the summer camp activities. On the first day of the three-day field visits, a technical trip was organized to Beypazarı Living Museum and Living Village, and good practice examples were explained on site as a result of the support provided by our Agency. Then, a study visit was made to METU Atom Animation and Game Technologies Center. During the visit, Z-Garage in METU Technopolis and Game and Animation Technologies companies in ATOM were visited. On the second day of the field visits program, a visit was made to the Presidency Digital Transformation Office, BTK and Türksat. On the last day of the site visits program, a study visit was made to the Ankara Handicrafts and Design Center. Then, hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, university students were hosted in Gölbaşı Sports Complex, and the first certificate ceremony was held after social activities such as picnics and boat trips.

Second certificates were presented to the students who participated in the applied Penetration Test Training between 8-12 August, while Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Dr.Cahit Çelik shared his experiences as a result of the implementation of the CyberVatan Program within the Development Agencies.Mr. Çelik mentioned that the TechAnkara CyberVatan Summer Camp Program contributes especially to the employment of young people, and that it is easier for the young people who benefit from the summer camp to be preferred for job placement while stepping into business life.

Within the scope of TechAnkara CyberVatan Summer Camp Program, university students who successfully completed the Penetration Test Training (5 Days) were presented with their certificates.