TechAnkara Project Bazaar 2022 Accelerator Program Trainings Started

June 30, 2022

Financial Literacy, Social Literacy, Sustainability and Green Technologies, Creative Industries Training and Startup Law Trainings started to be given to 100 startups selected among the startups that will participate in the TechAnkara Project Bazaar, within the scope of the accelerator program.

TechAnkara Project Bazaar by increasing the competencies of the entrepreneurs selected to the top 100 in 2022, it will be easier to bring products and services together with investors at the TechAnkara Project Bazaar, which will be held on September 26, and thus, it will be easier to get clearer and more effective results in the B2B sessions planned with mutual funds. The trainings that will be held on the first day and the trainings that will be held on the last day of the trainings being organized were planned online and physically in a hybrid way. The remaining days of training will be held online.

Following the completion of the trainings, mentoring and question-answer sessions will be held in July and August within the scope of the accelerator program. In this way, a suitable ground will be prepared for the commercialization of the TechAnkara Project Bazaar's top 100 startups and for them to find a place in the market.

In TechAnkara Project Bazaar 2022, by Ankara Development Agency Investment Support Office, sustainability-green technologies and creative industries titles were added to the accelerator program training series for the first time with an innovative approach.