Techankara Sibervatan 2023 Summer Camp Training Certificate Ceremony was held.

July 23, 2023

TechAnkara SiberVatan summer camp program was completed between 10 - 22 July 2023 with the participation of 57 students from 46 different universities across Turkey.  

The certificate ceremony for TechAnkara SiberVatan Summer Camp Training was held at ATO with the opening speeches of Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin, ACC Chairman Gürsel Baran and Ankara Development Agency Secretary General Dr. Cahit Çelik.

Speaking at the opening of the ceremony where the certificates were presented to the students who participated in the TechAnkara SiberVatan Summer Camp Program for university students to train cyber security experts and successfully completed the trainings, ACC President Gürsel Baran drew attention to the importance of the two-week training. Stating that ensuring security in the digital field is as important as protecting the borders of the country in this period when every field from education to health, from defense to production is digitalized, Baran said, "If you cannot defend this area, you cannot protect your most critical data, produce services by taking advantage of the blessings of technology, and ensure material and moral security. Even more, your independence is jeopardized. In other words, cyber security is the guarantee of our independence and therefore our economic development."

Expressing their pleasure to host the TechAnkara SiberVatan Summer Camp Training as Ankara Chamber of Commerce, ACC President Baran said that these trainings will contribute to the training of new and qualified human resources in the field of cyber security in Turkey.

In his speech at the TechAnkara SiberVatan Summer Camp Training, Ankara Governor of Ankara Vasip Şahin said that technology, which facilitates human life, also brings risks and threats. Explaining that the tools and methods used in wars have also changed due to technological developments, Şahin addressed the young people and said, "The tools of war and competition in the international struggle are the keys you touch for 12 days."

Pointing out that the biggest danger of the century is the threats posed by artificial intelligence, Şahin emphasized that technological developments should be used for the good of people and societies. Şahin said, "It is important that we can use these developments for the good of our country in particular. For this, we need not only to use information, but also to create our own defense infrastructure against the threats that may arise from that information".

Şahin also thanked Ankara Chamber of Commerce for hosting the training and Ankara Development Agency for coordinating the training program.

In his speech, Dr. Cahit Çelik, Secretary General of Ankara Development Agency, said that cyber security is one of the most important issues that are becoming increasingly important today. He emphasized that digitalization and the widespread use of the internet have increased the number and complexity of cyber attacks, so it is of great importance for individuals and institutions to be aware of cyber security and take appropriate measures. Stating that approximately 3.5 million people are employed in the field of cyber security worldwide, Çelik said that there is a need for as many more trained people in the sector.

Stating that some of the young people who participated in the training received job offers as the training programs on cyber security expertise continued, Çelik said, "We are doing a very important job with this program. In a sense, we are training the future soldiers of our country in the field of cyber security."

Following the opening speeches, certificates were presented to the students who successfully completed the "TechAnkara SiberVatan Summer Camp Training". ATO Vice President Temel Aktay and Turkey Cyber Security Cluster General Coordinator Alpaslan Kesici also attended the ceremony.