Urban Agriculture Focus Group Meeting within the Scope of Ankara Regional Plan 2014-2018 Preparations

September 16, 2022

 “Urban Agriculture Cooperation Meeting” organized by Ankara Development Agency was held on September, 15, 2022. The future of urban agriculture was discussed at the meeting. Agricultural engineers and city planners from the district agriculture and forestry directorates and local municipalities participated in the meeting, which was held within the scope of studies for the development of urban agriculture. In the meeting where the current situation was analyzed, the foreseen activities to be done were discussed.

SWOT Analysis of Urban Agriculture was made at the meeting where the strengths and weaknesses of urban agriculture in Ankara, as well as opportunities and threats were discussed. In this anlysis, Ankara's potential was emphasized. On the other hand, possible collaborations for the future of agriculture were discussed in the shadow of the climate change and food crisis. In addition, the details of the gardening practices for children carried out in the districts were shared with participants. In the meeting, besides good practices, discussions were held on areas that need improvement. It was stated that the misuse of agricultural lands should be prevented. Also, the importance of harmony among local actors was emphasized. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that joint activities should increasingly continue.

It is forecasted  that the rate of urbanization in Türkiye will reach 80% until 2030, experts state that access to safe food stands as an important problem. While Ankara's 92 percent urbanization rate draws attention, it is reported that measures to address the problems caused by rapid urbanization should be implemented immediately. On the other hand, product diversity and efficiency are emphasized in Ankara, which occasionally exhibits microclimate features. Experts state that Ankara can take important steps in terms of access to safe food with appropriate planning and action plans, and they state that a holistic approach should be taken. The city and agriculture-themed works carried out by Ankara Development Agency are aimed at raising awareness in the city and improving coordination and cooperation between local actors.