“Women Cooperatives Capacity Building, Experience Sharing and Promotion Event” was completed with great public interest

June 27, 2022

"Women Cooperatives Capacity Building, Experience Sharing and Promotion Event”, which Ankara Development Agency(ADA)  organized with the Gölbaşı District Governorship, was held on 25 June 2022 in Gölbaşı Atatürk Beach Park.

A "Cooperative Experience Panel" aiming to enable agricultural development cooperatives and women cooperatives to share their experiences, to increase the sales and marketing capacities of cooperatives and to support them by contributing to the promotion of cooperatives was held in the first part of the Event. In the panel, 10 women cooperatives whose projects have been financially supported within the scope of ADA’s 2021 Rural Development Financial Support Program, introduced their cooperatives and their projects to other cooperatives, and exchanged ideas about joint project activities. Taze Yöre platform, which is a marketplace platform that supports the sharing economy and enables the purchase of local and geographically indicated food products produced with traditional methods, directly from the producers and supported within the scope of ADA’s TechAnkara program, was also introduced at the panel. The panel contributed to the purpose of strengthening women cooperatives by learning from each other's experiences and developing cooperation between them in various fields such as production and sales.

In the afternoon part of the event, the products of 40 local/traditional product manufacturers, 21 of which are cooperatives from different regions of Ankara, were brought together with the visitors. The event, which was boosted up with music and dance performances, attracted great attention from the public.