Ankara Rural Investment Opportunities Report Completed

May 20, 2022

Ankara Rural Investment Opportunities Report and 10 preliminary feasibility reports for rural districts were prepared by making technical and economic analyzes on alternative investment issues in Ankara's rural areas under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency Investment Support Office.

Investment opportunities in 16 districts (Akyurt, Ayaş, Balâ, Çamlıdere, Beypazarı, Elmadağ, Çubuk, Evren, Haymana, Güdül, Kahramankazan, Kızılcahamam, Kalecik, Nallıhan, Polatlı, Şereflikochisar) located in the periphery of Ankara, in many fields (industry, mining, tourism, agriculture) , irrigation, informatics, etc.) research, field studies, focus group meetings and analyzes were carried out. Records were created by interviewing the stakeholders of 16 districts in the periphery of Ankara and the relevant sector representatives. The investment issues determined by the field research were evaluated and determined in the meetings held. Pre-feasibility reports were prepared for 10 investment opportunity topics selected by the agency. These pre-feasibility are as follows

  • Akyurt District Free Zone Establishment Pre-Feasibility Report
  • Ayaş District Geothermal Sourced Fruit and Vegetable Drying Plant Preliminary Feasibility Report
  • Bala Flake Feed Production Facility Pre-Feasibility Report
  • Elmadağ District Logistics Center Establishment Preliminary Feasibility Report
  • Establishment of Güdül Elderly Nursing Home (Peace Village) Preliminary Feasibility Report
  • Kahramankazan Geothermal Resource Analysis and Geothermal Greenhouse Investment Pre-Feasibility Report
  • Kızılcahamam Perlite Open Mine Preliminary Feasibility Report
  • Polatlı Onion Cosmetic Products Production Facility Pre-Feasibility Report
  • Şereflikochisar Trout Production Facility Pre-Feasibility Report
  • Şereflikochisar Salt Machinery Manufacturing Plant Pre-Feasibility Report

Within the scope of this study, the questions of which investment areas should be prioritized in order to revitalize rural development in the districts and what kind of incentives and practices should be applied were addressed in the focus group meetings held with the participants. The Ankara Rural Investment Opportunities Report was created by seeking answers to the questions asked about what are the biggest sources of income in the service and production sectors in the district, what should be done for the development of the district, and what should be done for promotion and marketing activities.